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Chilton County Sheriff's Office Launches Responsive Website with Inmate Roster


Chilton County Sheriff's Office Launches Responsive Website with Inmate Roster

The Chilton County Sheriff's Office launched a new responsive website on 6/21/23 where residents can find the latest information regarding the operations of the Sheriff's Office. The website serves as an information resource for the public and assists with community policing efforts. The responsive design allows site visitors to access the information they want and need from any device with simple, flexible navigation.

The website,, features press releases, messages from Sheriff Shearon, pages on the Services of each division of the Sheriff's Office, as well as a link to submit crime tips via email, which now includes photo and video submissions.

Chilton County Sheriff's Office is also pleased to announce the launch of their Inmate Roster and the ability to sign up to receive daily roster updates. Having the roster online will allow the public to view photos and booking details for individuals in the detention center as well as those released within the last 48 hours. We invite the community to visit our site at to view the new jail roster and to sign up for notifications.

"Our goal with the website is to provide transparency between our office and the public. We want the public to understand how this office serves the community, residents, and visitors. We want our community members to have the information they need, when they need it. The responsive design allows users to quickly and conveniently access the website information on the device of their choice: desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. In addition, the responsive website features a site search, which makes finding specific information much faster and easier for the site visitor," said Sheriff Shearon.

Other features of the website include: 

Alert Notifications - allows the public to sign up for alert notifications from the Sheriff's Office via email or text - including sex offender notifications, press releases, messages from the Sheriff, most wanted updates, and jail roster updates.

Most Wanted Listings - allows the public to view photos and descriptions of wanted individuals.

Press Releases - allows the public to view a list in date order, sorted by year, of press release and news items posted by the Sheriff's Office.

Sex Offenders - allows the public to view photos and information for sex offenders living in the county. The interactive map feature on the Website allows the public to view sex offender locations on the map, view offender photos and profile information about the offenses.

Social Media Links - allows the public to follow the Chilton County Sheriff's Office on Facebook and/or Twitter.

"Posting information on the website improves the efficiency of the Sheriff's Office by reducing the number of inquiry calls handled by our office. This tool allows us to devote more resources to the safety and security of our residents. Our intent is for every County resident to visit the site and become familiar with how to locate sex offenders, how to submit a crime tip and where to find the latest news and updates from the Sheriff's Office. We believe the website is a huge benefit to the Sheriff's Office and the residents of Chilton County as well," said Sheriff Shearon.

For more information about the website, please contact the Chilton County Sheriff's Office at 205-755-4698 or visit