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Sex Offender Arrested


Chilton County Sheriff's Department received a tip from our website that stated a possible sex offender from Florida was living next to Verbena Annex School. On August 18th at midnight, deputies and Investigator Derrick Bone responded to 4640 Highway 31 in Verbena. At the residence, Investigator Bone made contact with Robbie Roper. Investigator Bone determined that Robbie Roper is a registered sex offender from Florida and has failed to register and notify the Chilton County Sheriff's Office. The address is restricted due to Verbena Annex School. Sheriff John Shearon stated Alabama SORNA law states a sex offender cannot establish or maintain a living accommodation within 2000 feet of a school or license daycare. This address is definitely not a good address and is clearly protected. The driveway to the residence is next to the school and the property lines connect. Investigator Bone stated the measurement was approximately 180 feet from the front door of the residence to the nearest playground equipment. Robbie Roper was arrested for Failure to register with local law enforcement and sex offender living in a prohibited residence location. Both are class C felonies. Sheriff Shearon also stated if you're a sex offender living in this county, you will obey the SORNA law or you will go to jail.