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Drug Arrest June 16-18, 2017


Between the dates of June 16-18, 2017. Deputies Freeman,Garris and Brown, under the leadership of Corporal McCartney, made several narcotics arrest while on their regular patrol shift.


The first arrests were made Friday night after deputies received a call from citizens, complaining about excessive traffic to a certain address.while responding to the area, deputies and EMS were dispatched to the same residence on drug overdose. Once the overdose victim was treated and removed from the scene, deputies were granted written consent to search the residence from the homeowner. Once in the home, meth and large amounts of drug paraphernalia, including scales and baggies were located. Four arrest were made at this location.


The next case was made Saturday evening, when Corporal McCartney and Deputy Freeman responded to an address in an attempt to make contact with a male whom had outstanding warrants. Once contact was made the male fled on foot and but was quickly apprehended. During the apprehension the male attempted to dispose of narcotics to conceal them from the deputies. The item thrown was recovered and found to be meth.Sunday night,Corporal McCartney, with the assistance of CPD Officers Aldridge,Overton and Foshee, made a traffic stop on vehicle for expired tag and no seat belt. A vehicle search was conducted after reasonable suspicion and access was granted. Meth was located in the vehicle and an arrest was made.


Shearon John Shearon would like to congratulate these officers for these arrest. In a statement the Sheriff said, “this is a constant top effort for my Deputies and myself. To pull these kinds of criminals off the streets along with the drugs they are trying to distribute, putting us and our children at risk.”


All information has not been processed in these cases. More information to come, when available.