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Burglary at The General Store Al Hwy 155


On 06/05/2017 at approx 0150hrs, two w/m suspects forced entry to the General Store and stole several hundred packs of cigarettes mostly Newport and Kools. The suspect dressed in black, walks with a pronounced limp and cants his right foot to the outside when he steps. The other suspect, wearing the brown jacket has a moniker on the back of the jacket "Phat Parm". Unknown vehicle or direction of travel. Please contact Shane Mayfield with the Chilton County Sheriff’s Office with any information. 205-755-4698


The back of the jacket with "Phat Parm" on it.The suspect in the black jacket bent over.The suspect in the brown jacket walking through the building.

The suspect in the brown jacket with his hands full of stuff.The suspect in the black jacket walking outside carrying a trash can.