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Chilton County Citizens Firearms Safety Course


Chilton County Citizens Firearms Safety Course


Sheriff John Shearon is pleased to announce that the Chilton County Sheriff’s Office is now offering Citizens Firearms Courses. Our training staff developed these courses in response to the high volume of requests from citizens regarding firearms classes for the public. It is recognized that in this day and age, many people own and handle firearms in an effort to protect themselves. This class is aimed at providing the public valuable information about how to handle a firearm safely, how to shoot accurately, when it is legal to use a firearm, and what to expect when a firearm is used to defend a life.


Handguns must be unloaded and secured in a case.

- Must be 18 years of age, and be able to pass a criminal history check.

- Must bring a legal, modern handgun that will pass instructor inspection for safety and reliability. Calibers which will be accepted are: .22, .380acp, .38 special, 357 magnum, 38 special, 9mm, .40 Smith&Wesson, .45acp.


(NOTE: Any other calibers must be approved prior to start of course)


- Must bring minimum 100 rounds of NEW manufactured ammunition for your handgun, also subject to inspection by instructor. (NO Reloads)


- Must have a BELT holster specifically made for your handgun, and a STURDY Belt. No cross draw, ankle or shoulder holsters will be allowed.


- Every person must bring Eye & Ear Protection, to be worn at all times while on the range.

- The rules of the classroom and range will be strictly enforced. Any violations may result in the student being dismissed from the course.


Application For Firearms Safety Course can be printed off below. The application can be emailed to