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Traffic Stop that lead to Drug Bust










On 6-2-16 Deputy Matt Foshee observed a vehicle matching the description of a vehicle the City of Clanton had issued a be on the lookout for regarding suspects involved in shooting into a vehicle.  The City of Clanton Police Department advised the vehicle should be occupied by two suspects, Bernard Willis and a Corey Oliver. The suspects were reported to be armed with hand guns and had shot into an occupied vehicle. Deputy Foshee observed the vehicle and attempted to initiate a traffic stop on the vehicle. The driver of the vehicle later identified as Corey Oliver, refused to stop and started making several illegal turns and speeding trying to elude the deputy. Officers with the Thorsby and Jemison Police Departments were also assisting in trying to get the driver to stop.  While on Medical Center Drive in Thorsby, the driver slammed on brakes which caused the deputy to make contact with the patrol vehicle, causing minor damage. The driver was attempting to pull into a wooded trail and threw contraband from the vehicle. Oliver and Willis then bailed on foot trying to get away from Law Enforcement. The two suspects were both taken into custody after the foot pursuit. While inventorying the vehicle, Deputy Foshee and the other officers located two firearms and a prescription bottle containing a liquid. Deputy Foshee discovered a crown royal bag containing a green leafy substance that’s believed to be marijuana, a white crystal substance believed to be methamphetamine, a set of scales with a residue believed to be caused from marijuana, two small plastic baggies with an assortment of pills, and some cash. The two suspects were arrested and transported to the Chilton County Jail. Sheriff John Shearon is proud of Deputy Foshee and the joint effort with the other municipalities to keep drugs off the street.