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Incidents on I-65


Chilton County Sheriff's Badge


Chilton County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating two possible road rage type incidents from the Chilton/Shelby County Line on I-65. The first incident there was a bullet hole found in the car. The second incident the back glass was busted out. No projectile entered the vehicle. In both incidents no one was hurt or injured.  Anytime you have an incident such as these, call 911 immediately and stay on the phone with the operator. This will assist law enforcement in getting to you as quickly as possible. Try to keep the vehicle in sight at a safe speed and keep the dispatcher up to date on the location of the vehicle. Get as much information about the suspect's car. tags can sometimes be switched. This is why it is important to give the 911 operator the: color, make, model, and any other distinguishing marks  (bumper stickers, damage, etc). Try to get the location where you are: mile marker or overpass (all overpasses now have the mile marker on them). Both incidents are open investigations. If you have any information on these incidents please call the Chilton County Sheriff’s Office at 205-755-4698.