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Chilton County Sheriff Badge  

From the desk of Sheriff John Shearon;   

As of May 10th, 2016 the drug known as Kratom has been deemed illegal by Governor Bentley. All forms of this drug are to be surrendered immediately. If you are a distributor or know of any locations as to where any of the follow but not limited to: Viva Zen, Medical Grade Kratom, K Chill, Green Wen Extra Strength, & Zombie Matter are being sold, or have questions about this drug,  please contact your local law enforcement agency at 205-755-4698.          

            "This Illegal substance can be snorted, smoked or orally consumed in pill or liquid form. It has similar effects to heroin and causes a high euphoria sensation. It is known to slow mental & heart function, it may also slow breathing enough to be life-threatening."  Please talk with your children about this dangerous drug. Many teens have been hospitalized and even killed by it. Kratom, up until May 10th, 2016 was very easily accessible.

 This Should be considered as a warning to those who may sell or have this drug in your possession. Dispose of it or you will go to jail!


Again if you have any questions please contact the Sheriff's Office at 205-755-4698