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Deputy Jeff Harrell's Retirement


Starting as a Reserve Deputy in 1991, Deputy Harrell's passion for keeping our community safe was evident from the very beginning. Attending the University of Alabama Law Enforcement academy that same year further demonstrated his commitment to honing his skills and knowledge in this field.

In 1995, when he joined the Millbrook Police Department as a full-time Patrol Officer, it was clear that Deputy Harrell was determined to make a positive impact. His move to Thorsby Police Department later that year only solidified his dedication to serving and protecting the people.

Since December 1998, when he joined the Chilton County Sheriff's Office, Deputy Harrell has continued to serve with unwavering dedication and professionalism. With an impressive 33 years dedicated to law enforcement, including an astounding 25 years at the Chilton County Sheriff's Office, Deputy Harrell has exhibited unwavering commitment and dedication throughout his career.

Having served in various roles, such as Patrol Deputy and Bailiff/Courthouse Security, Deputy Harrell has consistently demonstrated professionalism and a strong sense of duty in maintaining public safety. His vast experience undoubtedly contributes to the efficient execution of his responsibilities.

We are truly grateful for Deputy Harrell's invaluable contribution to law enforcement, as well as his unwavering commitment to keeping our community safe for over three decades. It is because of officers like him that we can rest assured knowing that our well-being is in capable hands.

It is individuals like Deputy Jeff Harrell who make a real difference in law enforcement. We are fortunate to have such an exceptional officer serving alongside us.

Please extend a heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for all that Deputy Harrell has done, and wish Deputy Harrell a long and successful retirement.